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Immo Killer/Tool (Version 1.1)

Immo Killer/Tool (Version 1.1)

    • Immo Killer/Tool (Version 1.1)
    • Immo Killer/Tool (Version 1.1)
  • Immo Killer/Tool (Version 1.1)

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    Place of Origin: China
    Brand Name: Jiutech
    Certification: CE & FCC

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    automotive diagnostic software


    car diagnostics software

    Immo Killer/Tool (Version 1.1)

    Immo Killer/Tool (Version 1.1)

    Immo Killer/Tool (Version 1.1)

    Immo Killer/Tool (Version 1.1)

    Immokiller 1.1 is a software for repairing, by passing, virgining the immobilizer of cars which are found in ecu. It processes the dump files from the eproms and removes the immobilizer. You can use a programmer to read the contents of the immobilizer eproms, and then Immo Killer does some changes to the memory dump, which is then written back to eprom using the programmer, and the car is immobilizer free. Please note that the programmer is not included!

    Supported List

    Alfa Romeo
    2.4 JTD Bosch 24C04

    A3, A4, A6: Bosch 1.8 Turbo 24C02 (Remove Immo)

    Bosch 318 TDS 93C46 (Remove Immo)

    IAW G6.14 – Magneti Marelli
    Berlingo – BSI – MCU NEC
    C3 – BSI – MEM 95160
    Xara – BSI – MEM 95040
    Xara Picasso – BSI – MEM 95040
    EDC15 5P08C3 (Remove Immo)
    MA 3.0 Bosch 93CS46 (Remove Immo)
    MA 3.1 Bosch 24C04 (Remove Immo)
    MA 3.1 Bosch 93CS46 (Remove Immo)
    MP 3.2 Bosch 93CS46 (Remove Immo)
    MP 5.2 Bosch 93S46 (Remove Immo)
    MP 7.2 Bosch 24C02 (Remove Immo)
    MP 7.3 Bosch 24C02 (Remove Immo)
    SID 803 PIN calculator (95320)
    SID 803 PIN programmer (95320)

    Siemens TMS374

    Bosch – 24C02
    IAW 16F.EB – Magneti Mirelli
    IAW 4AF.M9 – Magneti Marelli
    2.3 JTD Bosch 5P08C3
    Hitachi MFI 003BC2 59C11
    IAW 8F.5T Magneti Marelli HC11E9
    IAW 8F.6B Magneti Marelli HC11E9
    IAW 18F.B4 Magneti Marelli HC11F1
    IAW 1ABB.92 TMS374
    IAW 1ABG.81 Magneti Marelli TMS374
    IAW 1AF.13 Magneti Marelli TMS374
    IAW 1AF.15 Magneti Marelli TMS374
    IAW 1AF.17 Magneti Marelli TMS374
    IAW 49F.B4 Magneti Marelli 95040
    IAW 4AF.M1 Magneti Marelli 95160
    IAW 4AF.M7 Magneti Marelli 95160
    IAW 4AF.S2 Magneti Marelli 95160
    IAW 59F.M2 (HYBRID)
    IAW 59F.M3 (HYBRID)
    IAW 59F.M7 (HYBRID)
    IAW 59F.M9 (HYBRID)
    IAW 5NF.T1 Magneti Marelli 95160
    IAW 8F.5T Magneti Marelli HC11F1
    IAW 8P.22 Magneti Marelli HC11

    Daily (Bosch 24C16)

    Siemens TMS374

    C, E class (infra-red) – ECU progr.
    C, E class (infra-red) – Immo progr. 2/2
    Sprinter 24C02 – Unlock ECU
    Sprinter 5P08C3 – Unlock ECU
    Start Error – Sprinter
    Start Error – Vito HC05
    Start Error – Vito HC08
    Vito 24C04 – Unlock ECU

    Delco HC11F1 2 plugs (blue-grey)
    DELCO HC11F1 2 plugs (red-white)
    DTL – Bosch
    Siemens SIMTEC 56.1 9356
    1.2 8V Delco 27C256 (Remove Immo)
    1.7 ; 2.0 16V Turbo Diesel 24C04 (Remove Immo)
    Bosch DTL 24C04 + 2x29F010
    Siemens SIMTEC 56.1 – 29F010 (Remove Immo)

    MP5.1.1 – Bosch
    S2000 – Sagem
    BSI – De/encryption
    ECU Bosch ME7.4.4 PIN progr.
    EDC 15 – 5P08C3 PIN prog.
    EDC 16 – 95160 PIN prog.
    EDC15 PIN calculator (5P08C3)
    EDC16 PIN calculator (95160)
    206 BSI – MCU HC912
    206 BSI – MEM 95160
    307 BSI – MCU HC912
    307 BSI – MEM 95160
    2.3 JTD Bosch 5P08C3
    ECU SAGEM S2000 PIN progr.
    IAW 1AP.20, 90 TMS374
    IAW 1AP.41 Magneti Marelli TMS374
    IAW 1AP.43 Magneti Marelli TMS374
    IAW 1AP.80, 81, 40 TMS374
    IAW 1AP.83 Magneti Marelli TMS374
    IAW 48P2.XX Magneti Marelli 29F400
    IAW 8P.XX Magneti Marelli HC11A8 MCU
    Sagem SL96 TMS374 1x28F512
    Sagem SL96 TMS374 2x28F512

    Delco HC11F1

    5NR.CE1 – Magneti Marelli
    DCI – Bosch
    DCI – Delphi
    DCU3R – Lucas, Clear Immo
    DCU3R – Lucas, Remove Immo
    SIRIUS32 – Siemens
    SIRIUS34 – Siemens
    1.9 DTI Bosch 24C04 (1 plug)
    1.9 DTI Bosch 24C04 (2 plugs)
    Fenix 3 95160
    IAW 6R.20 Magneti Marelli TMS370
    IAW 6R.30 Magneti Marelli TMS370
    IAW5NR2.C5 95160
    S2000RPM 95080 – SAGEM
    Siemens TMS374
    Siemens TMS374
    Sirius32 (16V) 29F200 (Remove Immo)

    214, 216: 93C46

    SIMOS – Siemens

    Land Cruiser 93LC66
    Yaris Denso 93C46

    IMMO 5WK4 678 – HC05 – Siemens
    IMMO 5WK4 678 – HC05 – Siemens
    IMMO 6X0 953 257 – 24C04 – Valeo
    IMMO VW LT – HC05X16
    IMMO White box – 93C46 – f+g Megamos
    EDC16 Remove Immo (95320)
    EDC16 Bosch 95320
    TDI – Bosch
    TDI 24C02 (1 plug) Bosch
    TDI 24C02 (2 plugs) Bosch

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